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Peak North America (PNA), part of the Brian Fehr Group of Companies, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Real Performance Machinery (RPM), effective February 1, 2024.  This new development will further position the Peak Group as a premiere North American company focused on the manufacturing and installation of industrial and mechanical equipment for wood processing […]

Peak North America, a leading provider of vertically integrated solutions for Forest Industry processing and manufacturing, is pleased to announce the appointment of Leif Norrgard, P.Eng, as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective December 8, 2023. Leif brings to the role a diverse array of experiences, having successfully designed and built projects across North […]

Peak North America (PNA) is expanding its operations to better serve customers across the southern United States. Contractor licenses have been obtained in our first three states – Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. In Louisiana, PNA has acquired licenses for heavy construction, building construction, and mechanical work, providing a diverse array of expertise to the region. The […]

Endurance Equipment LLC, a member of the Peak North America (PNA) Group of Companies, proudly announces the development of a new assembly facility in Irvington, Alabama. The facility and its team have ambitious plans for larger-scale operations once it reaches full operational capacity. It is designed to complement the existing fabrication facility, underlying Endurance’s dedication […]

Peak North America Construction (PNAC) US is currently building an innovative sawmill project in Louisiana. The company is taking a sustainable approach to the construction of this facility by repurposing and refurbishing equipment sourced from various facilities in North America, including Canada. This project is a testament to PNA’s innovative and resourceful approach to development. […]

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