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Creating high-quality, integrated construction services for the industrial sector.

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50 years of creating industrial solutions

Rooted in the forest industry, Peak North America is a group of companies specializing in construction and steel fabrication solutions. Our Chairman, Brian Fehr, is a veteran in the industrial construction industry, with expertise in sawmill and wood products.

Group of companies

Peak North America is the parent to a group of companies that provides fabrication, construction, machinery and plant design for industrial projects throughout North America.

For more than 25 years, we have consistently placed our trust in Heartland for our Pre-fab Steel Building requirements. Their professionalism, exceptional workmanship, and unwavering commitment to safety are unparalleled. In our most recent experience, Heartland undertook an exceptionally intricate design and construction project that demanded precise column placements to prevent any interference with electrical trays and industrial equipment. With remarkable skill, they successfully navigated this challenge in collaboration with the Building Manufacturer, resulting in an outstanding showcase of their capabilities.

– Mark Novak, Dunkley Lumber

Our clients

We are constantly growing our businesses lines to include innovative solutions that meet the demands of our clients in the industrial sector.

Work with us

I enjoy problem-solving and being fully engaged throughout the project delivery process. At Peak NA US, I have the opportunity to collaborate with clients, developing conceptual solutions for their capital improvement and expansion needs, while also being involved in engineering, design, construction, and start-up efforts. Our team is diverse and capable, with each member actively supporting all aspects of our workflow, providing valuable services to the forest products industry.

Rob Garrison, Peak North America, USA

Our team values a strong culture of safety, respect for the environment and engagement with the communities we serve.